Down with Big Brother

by Egg Girls

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The first single from the infamous musical group Egg Girls.


Everything is cold and grey and I will go another day and
Wake up early, touch my toes and always I must stay composed
I work in the Ministry, well, truth is what it claims to be
Forging papers, spitting lies, always seen by watchful eyes
Years are blurring, days go by, I wonder if it's '85
Feeling like I'm all alone, aching body, aging bones
What's the point of all this work? What's the point of Physical Jerks?
Reaching blind into the night, I want to feel alive inside

Down, oh, down with Big Brother, I write in my journal from Charrington's store
O'Brien will help me, his eyes, they see through me, he's one I can trust
I know they will kill me, it can be only a matter of time
Yet I fight for the future, and what I remember, the truth of the past

There's this girl named Julia, and I keep seeing her around
Young lithe body, Anti-Sex, I'd like to go and strangle her neck
One day she walked right towards me, I saw her fall before the screen
Dark hair framed her waxen face, our hands met in a brief embrace
She walked away but left a note, "I love you" is what she wrote
We met at lunch and in the square, we set the date, of when and where
In the country, gold and free, we kissed among the glade of trees
It was an act of blasphemy as I held you and you held me
We met as often as we could, but never went back to those woods
In the church, and then the flat, we grow close despite the rats

Down, oh, down with Big Brother, I fight with my lover, who I won't betray
O'Brien has helped us, gave us the knowledge, to set us free
As I read the pages, writings of Goldstein, already I know
Then I hear from the painting, the voice I'm expecting, and this is the end

Tears of gin, I drink my weight, I sit in the Chestnut Café
I am empty, I am whole, I have reached the final goal
In the room marked one-oh-one, betrayed our love, now there's none
I can't remember any other, all my love is for Big Brother


released April 25, 2015
April - vocals, guitar, bass, drums
Lily - piano, keyboards

Written and produced by April & Lily.
Mixed and mastered by April.
Artwork courtesy of National Geographic.

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