Россия (1917​-​1924)

by Яичные Девушки

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The first single from the infamous musical group Яичные Девушки.


Peace, bread, land
Land, bread, peace
Peace, bread, land
Land, bread, peace

For hundreds of years, our people have been ruled over by the bourgeoisie and the tsar
But now, the workers take a stand and rise against oppression, with help from us Bolsheviks
We promise to the sons and daughters of Russia, the proletariat, that we've got a plan
Say goodbye to ownership of land, to class and civil rank, to privately owned banks, and bureaucracy

And let's bring in the eight-hour work day
Let's increase the workers' pay
Let's make men and women equal
Let's rule the nation for the people

We're ready for the revolution
All our promises will be fulfilled
Let's rise up as a communist nation
Let our words ring out proud and true

Bolsheviks promised me three things
Now I'm communist, no equity
All I wanted: a Marxist paradise
Never should have listened to Lenin's advice

Apparats and organs of Soviet power
All false names for bureaucracy
The Politburo, the ruling elite
Were forced to instill the NEP

Small scale industry allowed to revive
Russian women are working wives
Kulaks flourish, Nepmen thrive
Welcome Stalin, Man of Steel

Now it's 1924
Lenin's on his way out the door
Things they promised us, not fulfilled; we want more
Soon we will have lost our esprit de corps


released November 10, 2014
April - vocals, guitars, ukulele, drums, keyboard, bass
Lily - vocals, keyboard, melodica, saw, piano, bass

Additional backing vocals by Noah and Luke.
Samples from the Conet Project.

Written and produced by April & Lily.
Mixed and mastered by April.
Artwork by Lily.

Dress Dress Dress Recordings (dressdressdress.tk)
GRR 009




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